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List of onion email providers in 2019

This is a throwback to the mega Email provider post from July 2017. I figured we should revisit the list and update it for 2019. I already went through and removed anything from the list that was dead.
Below is most of the original thread with a few new things added. The /onions community input is need to help make it even better!
I cannot stress how important it is to use PGP. PGP gives you up to 4096 bits of RSA encryption. When using PGP even the email provider that you are using can't see the contents of your emails. If you need practice, check out /gpgpractice.


danwin1210 - Daniel Winzen's personal site which he offers free public email on. No Javascript.
Mail2Tor - Free, No javascript required. - Free, needs JavaScript, has a 27 different email domains to choose from, Vincent Canfield (the owner) has refused to provide access to the US government in the past ( see here and here ). - Free, No javascript required, open signup. They run completely on donations.
OnionMail - Free. Has Around ~24 servers. Doesn't require Javascript. List of OnionMail Servers you can sign up on = here
Systemli - Free, invite only
Paranoid - No javaScript. Invite only. Great service to say the least, If the sender doesn't encrypt the email they are sending to you with pgp Paranoid will encrypt it for you using your public key. - Free, Has been around for a while. No javascript required.
VFEmail - Requires JavaScript for registration, keeps logs, has a lot of domains to choose from.
RiseUp - Request Membership. Leftist Political collective, anti-racism, fascism and misogyny.
Protonmail - Free, widely used, requires javascript, hosted in Switzerland.
SecMail - Free
CTemplar - Free, hosted in Iceland.
TorBox - Free, Javascript not needed.
SCRYPTMail - Requires JavaScript. 7-Day free trial.

Paid Only

RayServers - No JavaScript, accepts Bitcoin, Good customer support, keeps only necessary logs (no IPs), competent, VPS hosting, also provides VPNs, prices pending on your needs.
Mailbox - german provider with very low prices, only €1 a month for email and xmpp. No JavaScript required.
Mail City - Don't even bother visiting this site. Their prices are insane.
If you want to connect to the .onion imap/pop3 and smtp servers for these providers in an email client, The TorBirdy Add-on for Thunderbird is an excellent choice that has been DNS leak tested.

Receive email only

Guerilla Mail - Free
TempMailAddress - Free
Why is it important to have email over Tor?
Ask Ross Ulbricht, alleged creator of criminal marketplace Silk Road!
The FBI caught the man accused of creating Silk Road -- the shadowy e-commerce site it describes as "the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the Internet today" -- after he allegedly posted his Gmail address online, according to court documents.
Why is it important to disable JavaScript?
Ask the creator of Freedomhosting who is now serving life in prison!
News reports linked Firefox browser vulnerability to a United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operation targeting Freedom Hosting's owner, Eric Eoin Marques. In August 2013, it was discovered that the Firefox browsers in many older versions of the Tor Browser Bundle were vulnerable to a JavaScript attack, as NoScript was not enabled by default
Please comment below if you know any others that I haven't listed and I will add them to the list. Once this list is finalized, I will be putting it into the /onions wiki in an entire Email section. Thanks!
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Privacy friendly VPS provider

I'm looking for a privacy friendly VPS provider.
I know that VPS's aren't to best platform to use, considering privacy, but as of now I don't have any more options for the task.
The provider shouldn't demand any identification and payment should be available in form of credit card/paypal/bitcoin.
The server location should also be considered (e.g. Iceland, Switzerland, ..)
What does /privacy recommend?
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Hidden Service Hosting - Interested?

I am an experienced consumer internet engineer (having worked on lots of websites, apps, and the lot) and am interested in setting up some kind of more-reliable hosting for hidden services. I am trying to gauge interest in the reliable, modern hosting of hidden services.
There are a few things I am trying to accomplish with this:
I am wondering if people would be interested in:
I am also wondering how I can fund the initial hosting of this. I'm thinking we'd collect some small fee so that we can pay for hosting (bitcoin), or collect donations. I am willing to donate my time to actually develop and maintain the server, I just need to make sure that the costs of hosting scale with the # of users using the service, so a bitcoin for-pay service makes sense. Not interested in profit, just want to provide this service.
Initially the # of users using the service would be so small that it wouldn't cover the cost of a single VPS - so I'd need to collect some up-front bitcoin donations to make sure at least 3 months (should be under 1.5btc) of hosting is secured. Hopefully after 3 months there would be enough interest to have enough people hosting sites to pay for itself.
EDIT: I would also be interested in using this service to host email, jabber, irc, etc.
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    3. April 2016 Budget Proposal (21 points, 4 comments)
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  10. 20 points: wsmithston's comment in With current price Dash's budget allows us to hire 70 developers/testers with 120k$/year salary. No other cryptocurrency can achieve this level of independence from third parties (like Blockstream in BTC).
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[Table] IAmA: Hello reddit! We are We are building the first anonymous video sharer. Separate from imgur, we will serve a different purpose. AUA

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Questions Answers
Did you add a "G" to the "vid" for name recognition? "img" is a pretty common abbreviation of 'image'. Vidgur doesn't make much sense. I respect your opinion. Personally, I just thought it sounded cooler. :)
I video sharing website? How is this different from YouTube? Well, for one, youtube does not allow certain kinds of content. Secondly, we will not have any limit on what can be uploaded. Thirdly, no registration process or email validation. We don't want users to go through a process, it would be a simple click, upload, and embed.
Ohh this is cool. Much simpler! Yes! That is the plan, to make it as simple as possible. No barriers, no headaches. Just upload a video instantly. No verification required, no jumping through hoops. :)
Congratulations on making your own website and setting goals on yourself. Save yourselves the trouble and categorize a preemptive cat-page. Anywho, I've nothing smart to ask, so... on a daily basis, how often do you guys work/meet up? Present, it is really just myself and two other friends. We are actually hosted on a free service, but Alan suggested for me to look into hosting with hostmonster along with a Cloudfare CDN. So far our only expense has been the domain name and we are looking for ways to raise capital, perhaps through donations. :)
If you want you can set it up on my VPS for testing. Its very fast and has a lot of space. I would totally host it for free until it starts to use a lot of system resources :) I would love that. The site is already down! :(
Might I suggest "" They are a UK company and the package I have with them currently is Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited storage space and a shit ton of other features. Highly recommended. Hell, if you want a taster I would be happy to pass over an FTP UsePass for it. That would be greatly appreciated! PM me.
Um, not to shit on your parade but if you see any amount of usage you will be spending thousands on hosting costs. You will not under any circumstance manage to operate a video sharing website on free or shared hosting. Average image on imgur: ~60kb? Average video people upload? 10mb? Also first anonymous video sharer? there are literally hundreds. Well this will hopefully not be a problem if people decide to help. If we make it good and useful enough, then people will want to continue using it and donate to the cause(we hope!). :)
Just PM me the domain that you plan on using and I'll set it up when I get home from work. Well, it is Let me know what you can do by PM. That would be great!
Be very careful to check the fair usage policy. Especially with 1and1, unlimited actually means around 32GB. I've done video hosting and large site hosting myself, feel free to drop me a message if you think I can help. Thank you for notifying me of this.
Honestly, you'll find that you'll want to pivot to a fremium model as soon as the first 100 4chaners upload their entire terabyte collection of porn to your server. I did not think of that, but hopefully I find a hosting company ok with this. It would be beneficial to them in the long run.
On a more personal note, I would love if we could work together to support vidgur on RES for the reddit community as one user pointed out. It's not out of the question... what sort of video format(s) are you planning on serving up, etc? As many as we can. We are using an open source video player to run the videos, we really value using open source software.
Won't people use your site to upload copyrighted films? This is a concern but at least we will respect the privacy of the user, even if it results in a takedown. The good thing is that a user could upload videos through tor and we do not request an email address or anything of the sort.
This must be a joke. Starting on a free shared hosting?! Why not? Imgur started on a 5 dollar a month hosting plan..
I suggest starting a kickstarter. I would appreciate the help, I have never used kickstarter but when I spoke with Alan, it seemed like a good idea to have people donate to help it get started.
How will you ban them tho? Its fairly simple to rotate through VPNs or proxies and upload from different IP's every time. So banning an IP doesn't really help, and it could end up banning entire groups of people (college campuses, businesses, anyone who shares an IP amongst many people) This is something we are still currently working on. We recognize certain people upload from campuses, etc.
How do you plan to deal with warrants/copyright violations? Will you just be removing the content since there will be no tractability back to the uploaded? How many billions of terabytes do you have available for users at launch? 1.We will take down content by request, or if we are alerted. Certain things like child pornography or bomb making will have an automatic take down enforced. 2.We will just be removing content. We suggest users to use Tor or the like ;) 3.None. We are on a free hosting plan as we speak! We have no capital yet, but would like to do a donation link as suggested in order to raise enough to sustain the site for at least 2-3 months.
So your video site is better than YouTube because YouTube doesn't allow everything, but you ban and delete videos if people ask you to? No, we will allow more than youtube but take down illegal content such as child pornography, etc.
So what kinds of content do you allow that YouTube doesn't? For one, nsfw content. :)
So you're basically starting up a porn tube? Honest question, what's the difference? No. NSFW videos will not show up on the main site. Much like on imgur, you can share it with your friends or on reddit, but it will not show up on the main page. The website is meant to be able to host any kind of video, save from certain disallowed content.
What are your plans for revenue? Will you take a YouTube approach with ads everywhere or will you be more subtle with small banners and donations? This for us is more of a necessity for the reddit community, it is not built with the intentions to make money. We want to be as non-obstrucive to the user as possible, which means little to no ads. We are hopefully going to be able to provide a good user experience, and perhaps offset hosting costs with a subscription model in the future.
P.S. I hate waiting 30 seconds to watch a video. I prefer if it was just a regular ad honestly so people could use adblock if they want (like me).
That's good no one likes those ads Also thanks for the response. P.s some one it down-voting all of your comments. Thank you and didn't notice that, I appreciate it. :)
How anonymous is your claim to be "anonymous" ? We don't store any information on the user. No tracking, which is rare as most sites do it now. Although in the future, if we run do decide to include a banner ad, this would probably show up as google for example uses tracking to decide what information to project, but it will be easily taken care of with adblocker.
The videos is the only thing that is stored, no other information. You can upload a NSFW video, share it, and no one would know it is from you. It will come in handy for the gone wild community.
Also, we will not require users to sign up with email, etc. That is what will make us different is no validation, no sign up required. Not even an email, much like reddit. Although you CAN pick a username and password if you want.
Sweet, can't wait. Thank you!! :) I am excited for it also, but patience is key. Launching it before being ready would not do us any good.
For premium hosting, will you accept bitcoin as payment?? Yes, I certainly will!
What are the filesize & length limits going to be? I want for there to be no limits on either in the future. Google has warehouses dedicated to running youtube. I am on a free hosting plan for now. We will start small, scale it up over time hopefully and take it from there.
How do you plan to do this and remain a free service? Donations and a subscription model, but mostly I am hoping we can cover the initial months just on donations. Subscription would have to have an extra incentive, like no ads. But we won't have ads in the beginning or at all if I can avoid it. I HATE ads. I am the first to tell someone to install an adblocker on my site if it ever necessitates running a banner ad to offset hosting costs.
This sounds like a horrible idea to have no limits, I mean what happens when someone uploads a few terabytes of video and you can't pay for it? True. We will have a cap eventually. Still would be more than enough for the average user.
Free hosting plan? You said in another comment your monthly hosting is $7. Which one is it I just paid for it now. We were on a free hosting plan. Didn't expect it to go down this quickly.
Will this be chock full of virus laden advertisement links? Not at all. I would love to run it just off of donations if possible. Much of the costs will be paid for with my own money. Donations will only make it possible to scale it up and keep it running.
Thank you. this is best case scenario. Yes, I think we will be ok in the beginning. Maybe down the road it will become harder, as I know, I will likely have more associated costs than imgur ever had. It's just the nature of the content.
Once it gets popular, i can bet the farm that you will be approached by financial 'backers' I don't want it to get popular honestly. I would rather the reddit community be the only one to be benefitting from it, as that is who it is tailored for. Also would allow for more control and less headaches if reddit users are the only ones using it.
Whats your day job? I try to dabble in web design and do some tutoring on the side. Nothing that makes a ton of money, but that's ok, I enjoy it.
See what reddit can do to your stuff? Lol, I honestly didn't anticipate this to happen that quickly.
We hugged too hard. Lol. yup.
Haha, well played :) )
Will I be able to drag and drop videos to upload them like I can with imgur? We hope to. For now, Alan suggested I start with the basics, start small and work from there. He definitely knows more about web site building and success than I do. He sees things that I didn't project, and so we are more concerned with making the site work, after I would like to build a drag and drop.
One thing I wonder is, what's the market for this? Do people really upload and create a lot of videos?   And how much experience do you have when it comes to managing sites, servers and specially online communities themselves? I think youtube is the second largest website in the world, so there must be a market for it. I have been managing online communities (forums) since PHPBB, IPB, and VB was all the rage, since 2001 or so, about 12 years give or take. But this will not be a message board, although I plan to include one. I love IPB. :)
What will draw users to Vidgur instead of using, say, YouTube? I know you mentioned NSFW videos, but there are places like LiveLeak and PornHub for that. Well, ease of registration I suppose. We want to have a drag and drop, and for it to be really simple in design.
Man.. you cannot use a free (or even shared) hosting plan for this. You need a dedicated machine (better yet, a cluster of dedicated machines) to handle the storage needs, bandwidth, video processing, etc. What are you thinking? I didnt expect people to actually start visiting it so quickly since its not ready. We just wanted to answer questions in return.
Check the source code and you will find a mention of reddit in there. ;) Not seeing it. You sure the change got posted to production? We added it to a tag, if you check the CSS. ;) It says: "Welcome Reddit!!"
How do you plan to deal with the big copyright holders a.k.a. movie industry? Respecting their opinion, but also the privacy of the user. The aim is to make everyone happy.
Is it pronounced like V'ger? Nope, its supposed to roll off the tongue, literally, one word :" vidgur" It sounds very catchy when you say it all together, which is why I picked it. :)
I smell a successor to sexykarma Does one get karma points in exchange for :)
Still not enough... It's already down.. :(
Site down. Working on it. I already had to upgrade for the mean time just now.
Get ready for tons and tons of gore and ridiculous amounts of porn. I hope not. Reddit doesn't really show it, because this kind of content never makes the front page. Neither will it for us.
your website is disabled :( Working on it :(
Your name blows. Sorry about that. It's ok, I know not everyone will agree. :) That's also what they said about imgur in the beginning. Hopefully opinions change once users see the usefulness in the site, and not focus so much on the name. I don't use a service based on the name, but rather the service it provides.
Make an app similar to snapchat and you're golden. Ha, well we have a plan to do this down the road, but I don't know how to build apps so perhaps when we have enough capital in the future.
When I saw the name I thought it sounds quite like Icelandic name (e.g. Ólafur, Torlakur) and I remebered that there was one god in Norse mythology whose name sounds quite similar. Vidar is the name. That is interesting, it would be cool to have a logo made of that. We are currently working on a logo, something that will be different, like a old tube tv. :)
Welp, guess it's been hugged to death already. That's ok, it was just a launch page anyways so you weren't missing anything.
I receive an error saying your webhost has disabled your site because it took too much CPU usage. Yes the site is down. I was on a free hosting plan. :)
I see a problem. You see Imgur works because before it there was no perfect image sharing site. Whereas your competitors are in their hundreds, namely YouTube. I wish you all the best and hope you do succeed, because everyone stands to benefit from more choice. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this.
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